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"Absolutely delicious Kombucha!"

Gabriella B

"Love all of the different flavours of Craft Tea Brew Co's Kombucha.

A very healthy and refreshing drink"

Anne K.

"Love their kombucha and now buy from them direct. Fantastic range now as well."

Faye L.



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Can I sell your products in my café, restaurant, gym, spa, etc.?

Yes! We would love that. Please reach out to us using our CONTACT FORM.

Can I offer Craft Tea Brew drinks and teas for employees at my office?

Yes, and lucky them! Please fill out our CONTACT FORM.

Does The Craft Tea Brew Co offer collaboration possibilities?

We do indeed, please fill out our CONTACT FORM and we will get back to you.


Where can I find the list of ingredients and allergens?

Ingredients are listed on every Product Page and also on each product directly.

Do your teas contain any sugar?

There is no added sugar in any loose leaf teas, nor any artificial sweeteners.

Do your teas contain any flavouring?

We pride ourselves on only using the highest quality, 100% real ingredients in our teas and never anything out of a lab like so many other tea brands out there. Even so called “natural flavourings” are very often messed with by the guys in white coats. You want ingredients that have flavour, not flavourings. We keep things real because we like to know what we’re putting inside us.

Does tea expire?

For the most part, tea is best consumed within 3 years, however the quality of the tea can decline over time due to several factors like exposure to sunlight or damp storage conditions. To keep your tea tip-top, keep it in cool, dry locations.


What is Kombucha?

We’re glad you asked. Put simply, kombucha is a fermented tea drink which has been around for thousands of years, originating in Eastern holistic practices. Water, tea, sugar, and The Mother culture make up our award winning kombucha and the last ingredient which cannot be overlooked is time. Like all good things worth experiencing, kombucha takes time to ferment which not only allows for our yeast & bacteria friends to eat up most of the sugar, but also makes for an authentically robust and sophisticated end product which we are quite proud to be brewing, if we’re honest. Because of the simplicity of what ingredients go into our kombucha, care is taken to source the very best high-quality ingredients with no additives, and no junk. We will never pasteurise any of our kombuchas which is why they must be stored in a refrigerator and kept below 4 degrees Celsius. Kombucha is a very versatile drink which can be enjoyed as a replacement for alcohol or it can be used to maintain optimal gut health as it is rich in antioxidants, probiotics, and wonderful acetic acids which are readily absorbed by the body. With less than 3g of sugar per 100ml, it makes a good addition to a healthy lifestyle or for those who might be health-curious. While we just love when a batch of perfectly aged brews come out of the fermentary, it must pass a series of tests before it arrives in your hands, the most important being the taste-test by Peter, the certified tea-geek himself!

Where can I buy your kombucha?

Our kombucha is stocked by various businesses throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland. To find your local stockist, please reach out to us and we are happy to assist. All of our kombucha can also be purchased directly from our website shop and ships directly to your door.

What inspired your range of Sparkling Teas?

We designed our range of sparkling tea infusions with one word in mind, functional. How can we make a healthy, completely natural, line of drinks brewed with a purpose in mind? By using real plants with their own inherent health benefits and properties. Tea itself, being the original functional drink, paired with the goodness of other herbal ingredients. Each infusion is carefully considered with the intention of giving you the tools to accomplish the task at hand and achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Not only do we strive to continuously discover new functional blends, but we also want to create beneficial, healthy drinks which can fit conveniently into your life. Tea brewed with the power of plants for a purpose.

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