0.0 Cider Season

0.0 Cider Season

Sun's out,

taps off,

It's officially cider season 🍻

And we have the perfect 0.0 swap for all of your BBQ, picnic, and thirst quenching hydration needs.

What Makes This Brew Unique?

 Assamson & Goliath is one of our favourite OG brews that has been around for years. Every time we brew this signature award winning black tea kombucha, we are seriously bamboozled at how apple-y and juicy it turns out with the perfect amount of fizz and roundness.

It pairs well with food, is great served over ice, and is truly one of the best all-arounders if you ask us!

We've even showcased it at The Hilden beer festival in 2022 and won over many cider-enthusiasts. 

Not only that, but Assamson & Goliath secured a Great Taste Award in 2020 and captivated the judges attention with its unique complexity and smoothness. Try it today!

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