kombucha Subscription Boxes

kombucha Subscription Boxes

Custom Subscription Boxes Delivered to Your Door 📦 


    Save money and never run out of the good stuff! Keep your gut health on track with ease with our custom subscription boxes.



Easy to Change and Cancel at Any Time

Want to try a new seasonal flavour or swap out each month? Reach out and we are happy to tailor your current subscription box to whatever tickles your fancy.
Change is good! And we make it easy to try each new brew that is available.
If you're feeling adventurous- you can let the brewer choose each month with our 24x can mixed case.- Only 51.30 each month which includes FREE shipping.

You Choose the Frequency

With options of 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks- you can decide how often your kombucha is delivered to your door. You can speed up the frequency in the Summer and slow it down in the Winter. It's totally up to you!

Reach Out Anytime

If you ever need a hand with your subscription- reach out to us at:
and we are happy to help!


Morning Shots?

Our subscription is also available for our very own small batch Green Tea Vinegar.
We brew our vinegar from start to finish using our award winning Mother culture. It is perfect for taking a morning swig and is actually very palatable much like an apple cider vinegar. Fruity, tart, and packed full of acetic acids & other digestive benefits. Add a 100ml bottle to your cart each month and double your health benefits.

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